Academy of Cognitive Therapy’s official website
Great place to get official information on traditional
cognitive therapy (Aaron Beck MD president).
Website for third generation or third generation therapists
cognitive & behavioral therapy (Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences)
Aaron Beck creator of traditional
Cognitive theapy website
Association for Behavioral & Cognitive Therapy. Official
website for the oldest association in the world
organizing and promoting CBT.
American Psychological AssociationOfficial website for
organizing and promoting psychology,
Freedom From Fear’s official website.National advocacy organization for anxiety and depressive disorders.Good chat rooms and bulletin boards for contacting fellow sufferers. Also great clearing house for information on support groups.
Trauma    its causes, treatment, etc.
Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Variety of Basic Mindfulness Practices & Guided Audios
Compassion & Gratitude Practices
(These practices are great alternatives to fight/flight/freeze response & great alternative to Self-criticim and Shame)Without learning to take psychological care of ourselves, not much else can happen.Advantages Self-Compassion- over Self-esteem (TED talk)Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) Audio (Christine Neff)Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) (Dennis Tirch & Paul Gilbert)
Information about “social anxiety”       It also contains a good bulletin board for a conversation with a community of social anxiety sufferers
Information about teenagers
Lots of good links to resources, articles, etc. on this
greatest of challenges, adolescence
Psychology’s historical
landmark articles, written by some the most famous
psychologists who ever lived. It’s a little academic,
but classically informative none the less
Classics in the History of Psychology—Topic Index
Mindfulness & Wheel of Awareness Exercise      

(Dan Siegel, neuro-biololgically informed mindfulness audio exercise)

Wheel of Awareness

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)     which has a number DBT skill worksheets;Mindfulness Skills, Interepersonal skills, Distress Tolerance skills, & Mood Regulation skills.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT):    General introduction to ACT exercises for relating differently to thoughts, emotions, urges, etcDefusion/Mindfulness exercises (both audio and written);
Vulnerability & Shame     TED Talk Brene Brown  How courage Comes from embracing our vulnerabilities
Anxiety & Panic Attacks     Readings & VideosDavid Carbonell’s, PhD, Website


Long Island – CBT Network    A Long Island Based CBT Professional NetworkingGroup.

A.T. Beck Institute in Rome and Caserta A European-Italian Center for Cognitive Therapy

NYC-ACBS Professional Networking Site for Local Chapter of ACBS (Contextual Psychotherapists)

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